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Damage Awareness Course

Regular preventative maintenance increases the life expectancy of your racking installation; however there is no given timescale for the carrying out of inspections as all operations differ. As such, the requirement should be assessed by you given the knowledge of your own operation and a decision taken on the frequency of audits.

RackSafe Solutions in association with RackSafe Training Solutions offer a Rack Damage Awareness course which comprises of a half day classroom and site based session that would be held at your premises. RackSafe Training Solutions will train and certify members of your maintenance team so as they are able to identify damage within your own installation and prepare damage reports accordingly. Each candidate would be issued with a certificate following satisfactory completion of written test.

The certificate is valid for 24 months, with an audit by RackSafe Training Solutions after twelve months. All candidates will have to undergo a refresher course after their certificate have expired so as RackSafe Training Solutions can check the competence of candidates and bring the course content in with any regulation guide line changes.

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